Day 690 - Therapy Champ

Big guy powered through multiple therapy sessions today like a champ. For the first time in months, he was playing with playdough without gagging! And no tears, just lots of smiles when touching new textures with his feet. Score!

Day 658 - Padding Problem

Time to look for a new alternative to the padding around Everett's crib...found our little guy sleeping like this last night.

Day 651 - Zoom zoom!

Zoom zoom!

Day 645 - First Vaccinations!

Huge milestone today! Everett received his first round of vaccinations! Due to the transplant, our little guy must start vaccines all over again from the beginning. And it may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but we are just so thankful that he is now healthy enough to receive them. And we are also proud of how brave he has become...the tears stopped flowing before we even left the building.

Day 638 - What A Difference!

What a difference a whole year can make!

Day 636: Carnival Time

Everett thoroughly enjoyed his first carnival! He couldn't get enough of the lights, sounds and crowd. It's truly remarkable to be able to expose our little guy to fun new experiences!

Day 634 - Happy Father's Day!

It was a very Happy Father's Day for a very proud daddy!

Day 631 - The Pediatric Movement Center

Everett's immune function is well enough to begin participating in therapies outside of the home and we are so excited to have found the Pediatric Movement Center

Day 615 - First Dentist Visit

Everett's first visit to the dentist! Everyone at Mt.

Day 596 - Ramped Up!

More amazing news to share!
In December, we mentioned that several members of the Mount Zion United Methodist Church in Myersville, MD, had generously donated their time to help us move landscaping to prepare for the installation of the wheelchair accessible ramp.

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