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Day 715 - Bus Time

The special education bus service which takes Everett (and big sisters) to school and brings Everett home officially began today!

Despite the fact that Everett had never even seen a real school bus before, the morning pickup went smoothly.

Day 713 - First Day of PreK!

Everett had a great first day of PreK! He is enrolled in an inclusive half-day program for 3 year olds at our local primary school...which means the Big Sisters are with him too (2nd grade and Kindergarten).

He got to be the classroom Weather Helper and loved all the music and dancing! We are so thrilled that our little guy has this amazing opportunity to help him learn, play, and grow!

Day 708 - Successful Surgery!

UPDATE: Surgery went well and they successfully removed both the line from his ventricle and the port device from his chest! Additionally, Everett has been so healthy lately that his team determined that another port was not needed. Hooray! Everett is resting comfortably and we hope that the boys will be able to return home this evening. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Day 707 - Unexpected Surgery

Everett and Daddy returned to Sinai for his monthly check-up only to discover his port stopped working. After a dye-test fluoroscopy and echocardiogram, it appears the line has broken free from the device and is currently floating around in his right ventricle.


Today, Everett celebrated his third birthday surrounded by more than 80 loving family and friends. We were thrilled that so many supportive people were in attendance for his first proper birthday party.

This was certainly a significant milestone for our little guy to be amongst so many people who love him.

Family Roadtrip!

Everett (and family) thoroughly enjoyed our first family vacation! It was so wonderful to be able to introduce Everett to family in Cape Cod, Dracut and Leicester, Massachusetts!

He was perfect during the long (10+ hour) car rides. So content to just look out the window and laugh at his sisters making silly noises. And he had no problems sleeping through the night in new settings (hooray)!

Day 690 - Therapy Champ

Big guy powered through multiple therapy sessions today like a champ. For the first time in months, he was playing with playdough without gagging! And no tears, just lots of smiles when touching new textures with his feet. Score!

Day 658 - Padding Problem

Time to look for a new alternative to the padding around Everett's crib...found our little guy sleeping like this last night.

Day 651 - Zoom zoom!

Zoom zoom!

Day 645 - First Vaccinations!

Huge milestone today! Everett received his first round of vaccinations! Due to the transplant, our little guy must start vaccines all over again from the beginning. And it may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but we are just so thankful that he is now healthy enough to receive them. And we are also proud of how brave he has become...the tears stopped flowing before we even left the building.

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