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Day 337 - Nana Visits

Nana was finally feeling well enough to come over and spend the day with the Budsky Boy!

Day 336 - Comfy at Sinai

Everett received his Ecluzimab in style today at the Children's Hospital at Sinai. We are hopeful that Everett won't have to use them often, but the rooms are certainly comfortable.

Day 335 - Storytime With Three

Storytime before bed is a lot more complicated with three kiddos to please, but we're so thankful to all be together again and wouldn't want it any other way!

Day 334 - Lucky Little Guy

Everett had a fabulous first visit to Sinai Hospital! We love his medical team at Duke University Hospital so much that transferring Everett has been a great source of stress for our family. But everyone we have met at Sinai is lovely, they have a great relationship with our team at Duke (and use the same protocols), and the facilities are absolutely gorgeous.

Day 333 - Sleeping Sweet

Since his return home, Everett has been playing hard and (more importantly) sleeping very well!

Day 331 - A Room of Everett's Own

Our little guy is so happy to be home and in his own room again!

Day 332 - Loving Every Minute

The excitement of their little brother being home hasn't worn off yet...these siblings are loving every minute.

Day 330 - Home At Last!

Home sweet home! Everett's Big Sisters had a blast decorating for his arrival!

Day 329 - The Go Ahead!

Everett can finally go home!!!

Labs were stable and our medical team was able to connect with staff at Sinai Hospital to confirm the transfer. Today was certainly bittersweet as we said goodbye to several of our favorite clinic staff.

Day 328 - Waiting for the Word

Hoping to hear confirmation during Everett's clinic appointment tomorrow that we may be able to return to Maryland! Lab results need to remain stable and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore must be ready to take over Everett's care. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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