Day 351 - Fine Motor Skill Improvement!

Over the past few days, we have observed Everett's fine motor skills and interest in small toys (without lights and sounds) improving. Instead of immediately pushing everything onto the floor, he is taking time to explore his toys and use both hands together.

This is a huge milestone in the PMD world and we could not be more proud of our little fighter!

Day 350 - One Year Ago Today

On this day last year, Mommy and Daddy drove Everett to Durham, NC, to officially begin his transplant journey at Duke University Hospital.

One year later, we still spent the day at a hospital, but are so grateful that we all got to return home after our appointment!

Day 349 - Reunited!

Hooray! The Big Sisters are finally well, and the siblings are reunited again! The house is super noisy, and Everett is loving every minute of it.

Everett also did very well during his first physical therapy session since his return to Maryland. Just another indicator of how Everett's mood has dramatically improved since he's been home.

Day 348 - Hoping for Sisters

Hoping and praying that the Big Sisters are healthy enough to return home tomorrow!

Day 347 - A Holiday Apart

Everett was thrilled to FaceTime with his Big Sisters today! Since it's a holiday weekend, unfortunately, we have to wait until Tuesday for them to be checked by their pediatrician to make sure they are healthy to come home. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Day 346 - Window Visit

The Big Sisters dropped by to say "hello!" They were cheering Everett's name like he was a rock star, and he thought it was hilarious.

Da 345 - Chocolate Face

More chocolate pudding ended up on his face than in his mouth. Without the Big Sisters here to serve as positive role models, Everett hasn't wanted to eat much. It's amazing how much this little guy loves and misses his big sisters right now even though throughout the past year he has gone months without seeing them. We are incredibly grateful for their strong bond!

Day 344 - Missing His Playmates

This little brother is pretty unhappy that the Big Sisters can't return home yet...Aurore was diagnosed with walking pneumonia today. Thankfully, Everett is still feeling healthy; he's just lonely without his favorite playmates.

Day 343 - Great Sinai Visit

Great clinic visit today at Sinai filled with lots of smiles and giggles! Labs continue to remain stable, and we are going to be able to try weaning some medications even more. We even had a chance to catch up with Dr.Prasad (Primary Dr at Duke) via conference call and brag about how much Everett is enjoying being home!

Day 342 - Immune System Challenges

The most challenging part of being home while Everett still has a poor immune system is the increased risk of infection while living with a 4 and 6 year old. Despite the fact that our girls wash their hands at least 30 times a day and take a full shower every time they enter the home from being outside, they are still kids.

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