Day 331 - A Room of Everett's Own

Our little guy is so happy to be home and in his own room again!

Day 330 - Home At Last!

Home sweet home! Everett's Big Sisters had a blast decorating for his arrival!

Day 329 - The Go Ahead!

Everett can finally go home!!!

Labs were stable and our medical team was able to connect with staff at Sinai Hospital to confirm the transfer. Today was certainly bittersweet as we said goodbye to several of our favorite clinic staff.

Day 328 - Waiting for the Word

Hoping to hear confirmation during Everett's clinic appointment tomorrow that we may be able to return to Maryland! Lab results need to remain stable and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore must be ready to take over Everett's care. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Day 237 - A Year Ago Today...

A year ago, we found out that Everett was eligible to participate in the stem cell transplant study at Duke University. And even though it is research, very few elements are funded. Our initial quote was $1.1 million dollars—which Everett surpassed several months ago.


Happy Birthday to our favorite little chunk!

Day 235 - Packing!

Daddy spent most of the day organizing and packing up items in the apartment at the Ronald McDonald House. It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the past year!

Day 234 - Last Speech Therapy

Everett enjoyed his last speech therapy session with Lisa today. It has been wonderful to watch our little guy expand his communication skills with her. He is really going to miss her tons!

Day 323 - A Few More PT Sessions

We are still in shock after being told that Everett may be able to go home next week! There are many things to coordinate and plan in order to make sure there isn't a significant gap in services and therapies.

Everett has made so much progress with his physical therapist (Jamie) that its great we can fit in a few more sessions before we leave. As much as Everett whines when he sees her, she will surely be missed!


The bad news is that Mommy and the Big Sisters cannot visit this weekend to celebrate Everett's 2nd birthday. The good news is they'll be too busy making sure everything is ready for Everett and Daddy to move home to Maryland next week!


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