Family Roadtrip!

Everett (and family) thoroughly enjoyed our first family vacation! It was so wonderful to be able to introduce Everett to family in Cape Cod, Dracut and Leicester, Massachusetts!

He was perfect during the long (10+ hour) car rides. So content to just look out the window and laugh at his sisters making silly noises. And he had no problems sleeping through the night in new settings (hooray)!

He absolutely loved the ocean! Started taking big steps in the water and cried when it was time to leave. He also tolerated the sand, which was another unexpected milestone.

At the beginning of the vacation, Everett would only allow us to hold him facing towards us, but by the end, he preferred for us to hold him facing out so he could try reaching for everything. This little guy is growing and changing each day and we are just so thrilled to be able to expose Everett to a whole new world!

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